Leadership and Advocacy Coordinator
OAKLAND, CA Engagement Services
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MISSSEY, works to prevent girls and gender-expansive youth from ever entering circumstances of sexual exploitation and violence. We also support young people who are experiencing exploitation to exit. Once they’ve exited, we partner with them so that they may avoid re-entering sexually exploitative circumstances and live free of harmful transactional relationships. As an organization, we value healing, youth voice, integrity, and relationships. Our service model is focused on healing through trauma-informed, survivor-centered, and youth-focused approaches.  We recognize the crucial voices of survivors in facilitating healing in victims of commercial sexual exploitation and the value of young people empowering other young people. Our work with youth is a partnership, helping them transition from victim to survivor to leader, encouraging their long-term stability and success in whatever path they choose. MISSSEY believes that with the right opportunities and support, youth can overcome the circumstances of their exploitation and thrive.  

For more information about MISSSEY, please go to our website at www.misssey.org. MISSSEY will only review applications that have an uploaded cover letter and resume.

Position Summary

The goal of this aspect of our work is to increase youth survivor’s participation in addressing issues related to Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and trafficking. MISSSEY will develop youth advisors and change agents, Survivors Taking Action for a New Day (STAND), who will inform MISSSEY leadership, their peers, adults, and systems-involved youth serving organizations in the community. This will occur through advocacy, education and youth-led research strategies.

The Leadership and Advocacy Coordinator (LAC) works in partnership with STAND youth (ages 16 – 24) who are survivors of commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) or other forms of sexual violence, to organize, empower and mobilize communities to end gender based violence and win real improvements for youth survivors of sexual exploitation. The LAC will train and support youth leaders to develop and deepen political consciousness, assess and understand issues impacting their health and well-being, build relationships and partnerships with youth and community supporters; and drive campaigns that mobilize supporters, create long-term systems and/or policy change and build power for future victories.

The LAC will implement this work under the Community Action Model (CAM) or other evidence-based model that develops youth advocates to address health equity issues through policy. The LAC will develop this project in partnership with public health leaders, community partners, and youth leaders to specifically address the health equity issue of CSE as it relates to social, economic, and health inequities within Oakland. Building on previous policy efforts, the LAC will partner with youth leaders to lead work that supports and leverages citywide efforts to build safe and healthy communities.

The ideal candidate for this position would:

  • Strong political alignment and passionate belief in the mission and values of MISSSEY
  • Have experience developing curriculum and facilitating groups
  • Be highly skilled in youth development and community advocacy and change processes
  • Deep knowledge of movement work in the Bay Area, Oakland or similar communities
  • Have the ability to co-create a strong, reflective, highly productive, and loving culture

MISSSEY will only review applications that have an uploaded cover letter and resume.


Outreach and Relationship Building 35% 

  • Conduct outreach to attract a team of youth leaders who have experienced sexual exploitation and/or sexual violence.
  • Produce appealing and relevant informational materials and outreach materials.
  • Build and sustain high-quality relationships with youth leaders, adult partners, and stakeholders.
  • Conduct consistent, ongoing 1:1s with youth leaders to support their development. 
  • Represent MISSSEY at key events and partnership meetings, including: policy events (local, regional, and state), community change actions, street-based events, MISSSEY developed training coordinated by the Training Institute.
  • Prepare youth to participate in and lead outreach activities meant to represent the work of MISSSEY and STAND and to support youth who have experienced gender-based violence GBV.

Program Leadership and Supervision Functions 30%

  • Develop curricula and plan to deliver developmentally appropriate and engaging workshops and training that build leadership and organizing skills, deepen issue and community knowledge, and strengthen connections among participants.
  • Support youth to develop their leadership and job skills and contribute to creating an empowering culture in the MISSSEY STAR Drop-in Center.
  • Supervise and mentor youth leaders to develop and implement youth-led campaigns that offer multiple youth leadership development opportunities.
  • Plan and arrange meetings and events, including: ensuring youth are prepared to take leadership, and preparing sites, agendas, and materials.
  • Foster an environment that promotes harmony, partnership, alliance, healing, and thriving.
  • Facilitate connection to peer community, support, building new networks of support
  • Assist youth in developing healthy identity development,  life skills, positive coping skills, and body positivity.
  • Support the development of the connection between healing, wholeness, health, and nature.
  • Conduct follow-up activities after meetings and events including preparation and distribution of minutes and other records, and carrying out tasks assigned at meetings.

Management and oversight of Campaign Development and Implementation 30%

  • Manage the coordination of media and press coverage for campaigns as necessary.
  • Employ social media tools as a method to organize the youth base.
  • Develop the capacity of youth and adults to facilitate youth-led community-level data gathering and analysis in support of campaign actions.
  • Manage the coordination of key campaign events, like rallies, assemblies, press conferences or legislative hearings as needed.
  • Secure support of campaigns by key stakeholders including law enforcement, school administrators, teachers, parents, community members, policy leaders, and other youth groups.
  • Maintain and regularly update a database of allies, constituents, and opponents for use during mobilization and regular communication with campaign supporters.

Reporting and Record Keeping 5%

  • Keep accurate, current records of participant demographics.
  • Input case notes in relevant online systems within 72 hours of client contact; track progress and relate notes to life map goals.
  • Accurately record and track attendance, participation, and incentives and maintain weekly summaries and monthly report records in MISSSEY’s databases (Apricot and Cityspan).
  • Document the timely completion of contractual goals and objectives, including internal and external reports.
  • Produce monthly reports and all reporting functions as mandated by the funder.
  • Collaborate with the MISSSEY team to support organization-wide initiatives. 

Other duties as assigned 


  • Minimum 2 years experience working with strength-based and youth-centered models, restorative and trauma-informed care practices.
  • Minimum 2 years experience supporting youth and interns to lead social change campaigns and community mobilizing efforts.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in social sciences such as: policy, political science, social work and/public health or three to six years relevant experience in the field of youth development, advocacy, policy and organizing.
  • Experience facilitating, organizing, and training with youth and adults.
  • Demonstrated capacity to work with youth and adults from communities of color and low income communities.
  • Experience with social media and media relations.
  • Demonstrated commitment to social justice through previous work experience.
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills.
  • Excellent follow-through skills; detail-oriented, organized, professional.
  • Experience with community-based research or assessment models.
  • Able to work some evenings and weekends.
  • Experience working with African American women and girls (cis and trans) and non-binary people.
  • Passion for supporting young people, promoting healing centered, trauma informed youth development practices and working towards social change.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Ability to be dependable and present 
  • Ability to multi-task and deal with high numbers of youth at one time
  • Knowledge of at-risk youth and commercial sexual exploitation
  • Ability to have healthy boundaries working with youth 
  • Ability to respond to youth in crisis with de-escalation techniques and appropriate support 
  • Ability to serve as a role model for youth being served
  • Ability to administer policies and procedures that ensure the safety and confidentiality of program participants
  • Ability to develop positive relationships with participants, colleagues, and supervisors 
  • Ability to assume a leadership role in initiating workshops and activities
  • Excellent communications skills

Physical & Language Requirements:

  • Requires ability to lift, transfer, push/pull, maneuver, and reposition 50 lbs.
  • Ability to reach, bend and walk.
  • Ability to comprehend complex materials.
  • Ability to speak and write English clearly and accurately.
  • Ability to drive a motor vehicle. Requires transport of clients and, at times, their children, using own vehicle 

Physical Demands:

  • Occasional lifting of up to 50 lbs
  • Requires computer use each day, including typing for many hours per day
  • Requires ability to use a keyboard, monitor, cell phone, and calculator
  • Requires the ability to communicate verbally, both in person and on the telephone
  • Must be able to stand for at least 20 minutes at a time

Work Environment:

  • Occasional outdoor activities
  • Shared office space; main offices are on the second floor with no elevator access
  • Ability to drive a motor vehicle
  • Separate entrance into youth center 
  • Requires transport of clients and, at times, their children, using their own vehicle
  • Work in the community, including law enforcement facilities and county and state offices

Required Licenses and Certificates:  

  • Current driver's license, reliable vehicle, proof of liability insurance coverage, and a clean driving record required
  • A criminal background check including fingerprint clearance
  • TB clearance
  • COVID-19 vaccination is mandatory. 

Position title: Leadership and Advocacy Coordinator

Classification: Full-time, non-exempt, in-person position, some weekends and evenings (rotation)

Compensation: $61,500-$68,000k annually


  • Employer pays 100% of Medical/Dental/Optometry
  • LTD & Disability Term Life Insurance 
  • Voluntary Life Term Insurance 
  • Coverage of work-related travel, mileage, and parking
  • PTO (paid time off)
  • EAP (employee assistance program)
  • Family and pet bereavement
  • Employee retirement and employee match (SIMPLE IRA)
  • Generous Holiday Calendar
  • Including – 2 weeks starting vacation & 1 week paid winter holiday during Christmas week

For more information about MISSSEY, please visit our website www.misssey.org. MISSSEY will only review applications that have an uploaded cover letter and resume.

To see the full job description go to our website, https://misssey.org/job-opportunities/.

Due to the volume of candidates, we will be unable to contact each candidate individually. If you are being considered for the position, you will be contacted. We are unable to accept phone calls or walk-ins. MISSSEY is an equal opportunity employer.


Salary Description
$61,500-$68,000k annually